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One-on-one conversations with investors & entrepreneurs revealing how to crack the code to raising money.

Behind the Scenes Access to the Venture World

VC Cheat Sheet is a one of a kind branded podcast produced by Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) & ABF Creative as part of the Black and Latino Tech Initiative. VCCS gives an in-depth listen to a variety of fundraising advice rarely given to Black and Latino tech entrepreneurs. VCCS features interviews with the industry’s top venture capitalist and behind the scene access to entrepreneurs who were able to crack the fundraising code.

Over 10 interviews with true insiders

Bradley Miles

Analyst, Stripes Group

Nathalie Molina Nino

VC, BRAVA Investments

Brad Feld

‚ÄéManaging Director at Foundry Group

Kai Bond

Venture Capitalist at Comcast Ventures

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